Martial Arts Programs Available In Pacific Beach

Kids Martial Arts

Don't let your child become a victim of bullying or other threats they may face. Give them the skills to defend themselves while developing lifelong habits of exercise and discipline with our Kids Martial Arts Classes at Red Dragon Championship Martial Arts. Our age-specific classes are both exciting and educational!

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Adult Martial Arts

Not familiar with the Northern Shou Shu Discipline? Not a problem. At Red Dragon Championship Martial Arts, our Adult Martial Arts classes are designed to help you learn and later master this traditional Chinese practice. You'll be introduced to multiple fighting styles that will combine into the most effective self-defense system around.

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Tactical Martial Arts

Ever thought about trying out Martial Arts training, but decided it wasn't practical for real world Self Defense? Then this class is for you. Our Tactical Training program is geared toward the non-martial artists, designed specifically for real world combat and threats. You won't find a class this realistic anywhere else.

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Summer Camp

Help your child stay active this summer with the most exciting Summer Camp in Pacific Beach and San Diego. Red Dragon Shou Shu is proud to bring you a wide range of Summer Camp options, with each week offering its own exciting theme and activities. Make this summer one to remember!

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MMA Fitness

Melt fat and build long-lasting strength with our MMA Fitness Classes in Pacific Beach. Built off the cutting-edge Cage Fitness system, we're helping everyone enjoy success in no time!

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